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Web System for lubrication centres

It allows the services management of oil renewal provided to customers, by means of a simple and clear web interface , the operator from the garage can load the service and the customer will receive alerts informing the need for an oil change or an engine maintenance .

With LUBRIRED on line R you will be able to offer your customers a state of the art platform, that will allow them consult at any time , from their homes, work or from any other PC or device ( Smartphone, Ipad, Netbook, etc)with internet access, the services history received by your vehicle, and also obtain the benefits of a system of PERSONALIZED ALERTS VIA E-MAIL and SMS, increasing your business transactions in an outstanding way .

Social Media

Know how to position your company on the net, know what the users think of your brand, endorse your products/ services in an appropriate way and with a low budget, have a look how to do it by reading the whole guide.


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